I want to leave the law behind and start a fresh

Two times a week we release issues that will feature in a forthcoming Dear Jeremy guidance column in the Saturday Guardian so that readers can provide their own advice and suggestions. We then print the best of your comments together with Jeremy`s own understandings. Here is the most recent issue exactly what are your thoughts?I am an attorney in a specialist field and am well paid. It took me a long period of time to qualify and enter an area that I took pleasure in. The work has altered significantly and the business I work for takes decisions that I am no longer comfy with. Job security is necessary to me, so a move into an equivalent legal role, but with a different (perhaps charitable) organization, does not appeal. I have actually worked in different types of legal environments and possibly I need to conclude that the law other than honorable discharge upgrade, in spite of the commitment and effort I put in to get to a senior position, is just not for me.

I am exploring alternative careers, including in the health care environment.

My colleagues, buddies and parents are concerned I am making a decision that is too extreme and turning my back on a safe job.

My existing task includes a long commute by car. My employer provides me fantastic flexibility but I put on t feel like my performance is not valued, nor do I feel like I wish to provide more to the organization. The idea of continuing in this function, or this sector, up until retirement fills me with dread.

More information is readily available at www.veteransdisabilityinfo.com

Am I being ignorant to think that I can start a new profession (including going back to university) in a brand-new field at the age of 40? I appreciate the NHS is in a period of change (and always will be), and that the healthcare sector is badly rewarded, however I believe I would be more satisfied in a function that is more worthwhile for the good of society and may make a distinction to somebody`s day or life.

Do you require suggestions on a work issue? For Jeremy s and readers assist, send a short email to dear.jeremy@theguardian.com. Please note that he is not able to respond to questions of a legal nature or to respond personally.

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